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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Several orders of business here...

1. We have new sponsors coming on board. For the most up-to-date as we've got, check the sponsors post. We are so grateful for all the support this race series has gotten. I think it's an indication of a few things. One is that bike companies are, by and large, made up of really generous people who believe in their products and want us riders using them. Another is that companies want to support racing scene. A third is that there are a lot of people - racers, shops, sponsors, companies - who are interested in seeing alleycat-style racing expand to new scenes, new formats, and new races. That's what we're about.

2. SLUDGEMENT DAY: Saturday, April 12th. Registration is at 1 PM in the Icahn Stadium Parking lot. $5 will buy you admission to the following events: the brutal and infamous Randall's Island Circuit Race (the featured event); skid-hockey, grasstrackstands, footdown, and any other side events that we may or may not throw. How to get there? Here is a G-map route coming from the top of Central Park. It's hard to get lost on Randall's Island, but some basic familiarity couldn't hurt.

3. Frequently Asked Questions such as, "Can I bring my cyclocross bike?" For this, we defer to Bikesnob (yeah, to Bikesnob) and say, "Simply using an actual cyclocross bike would be considered sandbagging." It's not that you can't, it's just that we think people should be riding their fixed gears in situations where doing so is absolutely ridiculous. Gear down, throw a knobby tire on the bike that you ride every day, and come to the island. Don't overthink it.

4. In the spirit of Achewood, we know you're askin', "What's the best thing you got?" Take a look at the sponsors, and take an educated guess. Then give me a high five and stop asking if I can skim stuff off the top for you. No. I cannot. After skimming for myself, there's barely any left for the prizes!

Ha! Kidding!

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flyboyg1 said...

you guys gonna post a meet time for the races, or are we just gonna guess?