APRIL 11, 2009 ***


Friday, April 3, 2009


Flyer is updated, with reg and start times.

3 PM Registration - here.
4 PM race.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Get excited. Organizers scouted the course last night. Here's a teaser of what you're in for:

Get psyched. Eleven days to go.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sponsoring Shops:
Trackstar has been supporting New York City races for years. They are an institution and a mainstay and they kicked off this whole thing about "track bike boutiques" by doing it right - a great shop and an excellent resource.

Continuum Cycles does right by the racinng scene and by the rest of the neighborhood, too, and we're glad to have them back on board.

NYC Velo has a rep for being a great neighborhood racing shop. Plus, Laek House got their start in their basement.

Bike Works NYC employs one of the best wheelbuilders in the city, Arone. Since we foresee crashing, it's only right to offer prizes that help address likely damages.

You heard of Brooklyn Machine Works back when your older brother was into downhill bikes, and now you can't wait to get your hands on a Gangsta Track.

Taliah Lempert does bicycle portraits - how cool is that?
Ghostship Clothing, from CT, made us awesome Tracklocross shirts last year and we're psyched to have them back!
Mishka has been hooking up riders thanks to Prolly.
The Elm City Scorchers are New Haven's bad-ass bike crew. They throw some brutal alleycats and some extremely friendly parties... their races are always so well organized and I can't believe more NYC people don't take the 90 minute train ride up there to race more often. Glad to have them on board.
Swrve makes some great gear for the urban cyclist!
Outlier is getting into the game with some high-tec fabrics.
Urban Velo is a magazine about riding bikes in cities and they've sent us a full box of stuff.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We here at Tracklocross Headquarters would like to take this opportunity to announce some simple things about Tracklocross 2009:

: Your bike must either have either a fixed gear, or slick tires no fatter than 25mm. Want to ride your cyclocross bike? Fine, as long as you throw proper road tires on it. Wanna ride your fixed gear? Great. You're allowed to use cross tires. What? You only ride singlespeeds? All right, just make sure it has slicks.

2. SPECIAL TRACK BIKE CATEGORY: There will be a special prize for the highest-placing rider riding a track bike. By track bike, we mean a bike with: a fixed gear, geared at greater than or equal to 49x16 (700x23c). Plugged drop bars. No brakes. Slick tires.

That is all. Thank you for your attention.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


NEW FOR 2009!

April 11th.
Randall's Island.
See flyer here.

Are you ready for the Madness?

Mud, Sweat, and Tears was 2008's most innovative race series and the piece de resistance, Randall's Island Tracklocross was a brutal cross between alleycat and cyclocross racing, forcing riders to wade through water, run through mud (or risk a tumble), and scramble up and down soft dirt hills - to get to the finish line muddy and broken, and for only one person, victorious.

Stay tuned for sponsors.

If you are interested in supporting Tracklocross 2009, please contact us at tracklocross@gmail.com

Saturday, May 31, 2008

We wrapped up our race series and also managed to start the next trend. What do we have to look forward to now?

Dan Bones has a photo wrap-up of Harlemegeddon, which brought racers up to uptown and had them running around the edges of the island. Congrats to Angrey Drew for walking away with a set of Cane Creek Track Wheels - he's now tearing up Kissena Velodrome with them, and doing a damn good job. Tenacious Wilis took first overall for the series; Dave August would probably have put up a solid fight for it had he not been preparing for the big Bear Mountain Spring Classic the day afterward. Crihs took second with his two second place finishes. Amanda got first overall woman; Britlee finished a strong 4th overall in Harlemegeddon for first woman of that day.

We've had a blast throwing the race series. So many people came out to ride bikes and get dirty and hang out.

Oh, and in some more photo recap, Crihs has some really amazing portraits from Sludgement Day Number One. I linked you to the picture of Dave August, who won the day.

In a recap, we want to thank all our sponsors profusely. Organizers and racers really appreciate the support. The love and generosity of the companies really displays the awesome way that the bike/race scene, no matter how large it can get, really stays being about riders, about fun, and about events that bring us together.

And get us muddy.

Really fucking muddy.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sludgement II, Harlemegeddon

We were excited for last night's Sludgement Day Reprise, and had a great course outlined. Bold and hearty racers came out to try their skills in evening cyclocross racing. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, we had to cancel the evening's race halfway through. We still had fun, though.

Anyway, we'll figure out what we can do to thank those of you who showed up but didn't get to race too much.

Next up, though, is the Harlemegeddon Cyclocross Alleycatastrophe (the Uptown Beatdown). This is a big race, a hardcore alleycat. Checkpoints are released on the NYC Fixed Gear board - if you're not on it, feel free to email us and ask.