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Friday, February 15, 2008

Preliminary flyer!

A preliminary flyer is here in fullsize, and smaller below. We've got a much talented artist working on a fancier design that will have room for more specific information - days, times, and events, as well as plenty of room for sponsor information. But in the interest of starting the publicity now, we've got this. Start spreading the word!

Check back for updates. Add tracklocross.blogspot.com to your Google reader. We've got big plans.

Like I said, click here for the flyer in fullsize. Cause you can't barely read any of what's below.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sponsors coming on board

We're hard at work getting sponsors on board...

Affinity Cycles in Brooklyn will be throwing down big!

Jeff at Continuum Cycles knows how to support the bike scene.

Ethan at Laek House makes some of the most innovative casual cycling clothing on the market.

Brooklyn's Mer Bags is sponsoring us!

It wouldn't be a NYC race if Crumpler wasn't involved. Even though they're from Australia.

We're psyched to have Connecticut's Ghostship Clothing on board for Tracklocross.

Would it be a race without Trackstar and DQM? I think not.

Meanwhile, Arone at Bike Works offers a free wheelbuild as a prize! Another local NYCer is sponsoring - the infamous Visitor Design. We'll see what Chris will cook up.

We also have Profile and Cane Creek throwing down large support!

Also, Mishka has started sponsoring bike stuff. They've got their own team, and now they're sponsoring Tracklocross, too.

Fabric Horse makes some really unique accessories for the urban cyclist - lock holsters, utility belts... - so I'm really excited that they've agreed to sponsor! Oh, and while we're at it - RELoad is down, too!

Taliah Lempert of Bicycle Paintings is supporting our race series!

Even White Industries with their unique and innovative ENO Eccentric SS/FG hub, is on board!

Joining the boutique hub fest is Level Components, known for their indestructible hubs with bolt-on cogs.

Stratton at Keirin Culture is supporting Tracklocross!

Thanks to all our sponsors! Much more to come.


Hi folks. Welcome to the blog for a race series to take place in New York City in the Spring of 2008: Randall's Island Tracklocross.

Randall's Island lies where the Bronx Kill, Hell Gate, and the Harlem River meet. In the water that separates Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens. Under the Triboro Bridge. It's home to ball fields, a stadium, a sewage treatment plant, an FDNY training facility, and a whole lot more open space than you'd expect to find - in a surprisingly quiet little corner of New York City.

Randall's Island Tracklocross will combine the exciting scramble of alleycat-style racing with the rugged, rough-and-tumble off-road mugging of cyclocross.

There will be a weekly event for at least four weeks, starting in April. Events will take place on weekday evenings.

Each evening, winners will be awarded prizes, and various other awards will be given (Muddiest? Best crash? Most inappropriate bike for tonight's event? Anything can happen). Winners will receive points toward an overall classification - on the final night, overall winners will be determined. A Queen and King of Randall's Island will be crowned.

Team Wreck Stuff and our associates are working to prepare a variety ofcourses, events, and prizes for those competing. We will soon have the beginnings of a long list of gracious sponsors.

We hope we'll see you come out for what will be the strangest, toughest, and most fun race series you'll ride this year.